The Land of Georgeography

A large continent inhabited by many races such as dwarves, elves, humans, gripplis, and many more, where the story takes place.


Around 1,500 years ago, the land was under constant strife, and, seeking to put an end to this conflict, the king of men, King Leohorn requested his court wizard, Ianben to summon a being from another plane to unite the lands. The being summoned was Der’Koth, unbeknownst to the summoners, the Lord of Daemons. Leohorn requested of Der’Koth to unite the lands, with peace following soon after. Der’Koth fulfilled this wish by posessing Leohorn, enslaving all of his subjects and removing their free will and thought, then moved on to conquer the entire continent of Georgeography.
However, pockets of secret resistance gathered to decide on how to proceed and soon determined their only hope was to find if there was truly any lands outside the continent, which was only rumored in the past.
Very few ships made it through, but returning from these lands was a small armed force, with a group of four taking the lead. These four were Sohn the Courageous, Glick the Swift, Gregor the Revered, and Belgeon the Wise. The adventurers lead the resistance movement deep into the heart of Der’Koth’s conquered lands, directly into King Leohorn’s former capital, where the legendary quadruple had a showdown with the Lord of Daemons. Belgeon hatched a plan to seal Der’Koth into an obsidian prison, but as he summoned it, Der’Koth promptly destroyed it. Assuming he already won the battle, Der’Koth went into a long bout of laughter, before the quadruple executed their plan B: to seal Der’Koth in the most convenient object: Belgeon’s spellbook. This was no minor task though, and all four sacrificed their lives to seal their essence in four magic crystals and bind the daemon into the book.
After this battle, Der’Koth’s former slaves regained their free will and thought, but remembered nothing of their enslavement. Taking this opportunity, the members of the resistance covered Der’Koth’s reign up, burned or hoarded any literature on the subject, and moved civilizations away from being near the capital, in order to prevent a release of the Daemon Lord. A dangerous temple was built around the site, and filled with clockwork machines in order to defend it. The resistance movement then formed the Keepers of Secrets society, a conspiracy that lasted until the current year, preventing any knowledge of the event from the public, and stopping anything that got close to the truth, sometimes violently.


The lands of Georgeography have been, ironically, relatively peaceful since, with the Dwarves of the mountains being one of the largest and most advanced races, due to being the only way through a large trade route. To the west lie tribes of mostly gripplis, but many other species of small tribes live in this area. It is less inhabited than the west, due to the temple that Der’Koth being trapped in residing in the area. The west has much larger civilizations. Close to the mountains live the Humans, which are known for their weapon smithing. Further east lie the kingdoms of Elves, who have built multiple universities and churches around the area, and are thus renowned for their architecture. Along the coastal region lie the Tengu, which are significantly smaller in size than Elves, Dwarves and Men, but what they lack in numbers, they make up in military strength, and are often hired as Mercenaries.

Current events

Hired by a pub owner in the Dwarven lands, the adventurers flew to the western lands to find a temple that was only heard of by their employer, Marhand Dagarkin through a strange book. After a run in with a tribe of Gripplis, the party descended into the temple, defeated many clockwork constructs, and got to the altar where, unbeknownst to the party, Der’Koth was sealed. After breaking the enchantments, Marhand picked up the book, which then transferred Der’Koth into Marhand’s host body, grotesquely tearing Marhand’s’ mortal body to shreds. Der’Koth granted the party a chance to bring their fallen party member Elizabeth through, but at the last moment, he channeled a daemon into her and pushed the party out of his new stronghold of clockwork soldiers.


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