Richard Dickus

A 40 year old badass who hates orcs.


HP 31
HD d10
Ability Scores
STR 15 + 2
DEX 19 + 4
CON 12 + 1
INT 13 + 1
WIS 14 + 2
CHA 14 + 2


Richard is a man that comes from a small village on this continent. He was a common man until one day when he came back from hunting and found his village razed. He saw some dead orcs amongest the dead and assumed that orcs raided his village. He then dedicated his life to ending the lives of all orcs. He did this for 20 years before he found a small group of researchers that were looking into blackpowder weapons. The researchers were looking for volunteers to test these guns and Richard wanted a new way to kill orcs so it was a pefect match. Now Richard uses his guns to assist the party in stopping a completely random demon invasion.

Richard Dickus

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