The Modestly Famous Elven Wizard


Endir was born in Bolga, a small Elven settlement in the Ciethy Woods, in the northwest corner of Georgeography. While growing up, he always had his nose in a book, much to the dismay of his parents, who wanted him helping on the village farms. Despite this, his family tried to assuage his hatred of working in the fields by sending him to the school in the Elven capital city of Irelnor. After graduating there, he decided to enroll at the Irelnor School of Evocation Magic, where he spent a majority of his early years studying magic.

After leaving school, Endir began to utilize his newly found magic powers by adventuring with people hanging around taverns for money. He never went far from Irmok, but his name became the subject of legends throughout the land in greatly exaggerated tales pf his arcane mastery.

On one of these adventures he met the Dwarven Cleric Thorick Meadhammer, who he eventually befriended over multiple adventures, many of which included heavy alcohol use.

He continued to adventure over the next 50 years, eventually gaining a decent following by the citizens of and some attention of some nobles, most notably Lady Belathel and Lord Galador.

Lord Galador met with Endir for entirely political reasons during his phase of trying to befriend adventurers so he could have connections for any future endeavors he might need them for. Lady Belathel actually befriended him, caring about him and taking interest in his adventuring stories. Endir reciprocated this care, but never made a move on Belathel due to the fact that he was gone a lot and that she came from a noble background while he came from a peasant background.

On his adventures, Endir has been writing books about the happenings of his adventures and new things he has encountered. He eventually wants to start a library in his hometown of Bolga, once his adventuring days are over.


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