Ebonfeather Kamaratu

Disgraced Tengu Ninja


HP: 30
Hit Die: d8

Ability Scores
STR: 16 +3
DEX: 20 +5
CON: 15 +2
INT: 16 +3
WIS: 14 +2
CHA: 18 +4


Ebonfeather grew up in a small village in Tian Xia, a small area consisting of villages in the eastern end of Georgeography, with his father who was a master alchemist and healer for the tribe. He never met his mother, for when Tengus plunder other villages they sometimes rape the women and Ebonfeather was a product from that sort of crude, barbaric exercise of power. He was the runt of the litter out of his two brothers and three sisters, and was always picked on for being so. However, his father helped him out with the bullies with small alchemical devices like smoke bombs and such that kept the bullies away for a while.

Ebonfeather received training from his father around the age of 10 up until he was 15 in the art of alchemy. This Tengu village had a tradition when at the age of 15, all boys in that generation must fight to stay in the village as hunters and gatherers. If they lose to some but not to all they are ashamed, but can become scholars or perhaps alchemists like Ebonfeather’s father. However, if you lose to everyone, you are banished from the village, never to return. Well, since Ebonfeather was not allowed to use any potions or bombs in this brawl, he lost… over, and over, and over again. He lost every fight he was placed in, and was the one child to be banished from the village at the age of 15. He was given some supplies from his father, like his old backpack, a swordbreaker dagger for protection, and a blanket.

Ebonfeather wandered for about a year until he finally was directed to a “shelter for problem children." He ventured there, having nowhere else to go, and was surprised to find many children of his age, now 16, sparring and learning fighting techniques. When Ebonfeather explained his series of unfortunate events to the Sensei, he gladly took him under his wing (metaphorically speaking, as the Sensei was a Kitsune).

After 5 years of formal schooling in the Ninja arts, Ebonfeather left and traveled for about a year by himself, finding a young dinosaur that he wished to befriend instead of kill like everything else he had along his journey. He needed a companion. He named this young Compsagnathus, “Chompy” and they wandered off in the wastes hoping to find glory, fame, and possibly wealth, so he could bring something to the Kamaratu name.

Ebonfeather Kamaratu

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